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Things Thus Far
By Richard King

Obviously it's been a week since the terror attacks against Israel and the declaration of War against Hamas. In many ways what has transpired since was predictable. I will say that the level of Anit-Semitism and Pro Palestinain sentiment has hit harder and faster than I would have expected. Like every reasonable person I'm wondering very heavily why Hamas was able to do their gruesome attacks for almost 7 hours without any response from the IDF. It's a perfectly reasonable question to ask and yet the excuse from the IDF is possible incompetence at some levels and just total surprise. I'll buy that to an extent, but not to the extent that it takes 7 hours for a response. The IDF is posted all along the border wall with Gaza. Why did they not have air assets as well as ground assets responding to breaches in the very Wall they're assigned to monitor. Perhaps the answers will come in time but for now, it is still heavy on the minds of many Israelis.
The response by Israel thus far has been punishing. In a situation where people are not allowed to leave and are used as human shields it is impossible to not have collateral damage. That being said, no water, no electricity no Humanitarian corridors of any kind, this has been looking more like revenge than a military objective. I can understand the Isrealis desire to punish those that inflicted so much. If you break it down by population size it would be the equivalent of losing 35,000 US citizens in one day. That's Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and then some. So our reaction would be similiar. Also consider how much this has put the blinders on toward the situation in Ukraine and NATO led by the US in all their provocations. It's a scary time right now, and the situation in Israel has increased the blood pressure. People globally are speaking of the end of days, and they may be right, but I'm not going to espouse anything I don't know to be true. Everybody's guess is a good one right now. Mark my words, by the end of this conflict there will be all the usual actors in the UN calling for war crimes charges against Netanyahu. The purveyors of antisemitism have been on full display. From the protests round the world to the statements repeated by world leaders.
There does not seem to be any "good" solution right now. Wars fought out of pettiness usually kill the most innocents, I've been saying it from the start. In Ukraine there are 400,000 dead and the toll will keep climbing with each passing day in Israel. Hamas is one the most prime examples of petty I've ever seen. Isreal is doing their best to be as precision as possible, but the Hamas terrorists will wait while the civilians die by the thousands before they'll show they're cowardly heads. I do believe that now that the ground operation seems to be underway, the airstrikes will become less as far as civilians losses. Though spots have been blocked by Hamas, many Palestinians seem to have heeded the warnings. I pray that is the case, but time will tell.
I know I haven't been keeping up as well as I should on my blog but things have been pretty crazy on the home front and I've found myself bogged down in a lot of family drama, so please be patient with me and things will be back to normal soon. God bless everyone during this terrible time in history. I and many like me want peace. That is simply not on the table right now, the Left and the Neo-Cons smell lots of blood and wouldn't mind their portfolios increasing in value. Though it can be hard at times, I'm not giving up on humanity. "This too, shall pass" Amen